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lggrem2rss - linkaGoGo Reminders RSS
lggrem2rss is a Python script for converting your daily linkaGoGo reminders into an RSS feed. linkaGoGo is a superb online bookmark manager and it's reminder feature is a great way for scheduling future visits to web sites (to do stuff, etc). This script will allow you to subscribe to these reminders with your RSS feed reader. Please note that linkaGoGo already provides means for accessing reminders as an RSS feed through linkaGoGo Channels.

For a nice description of what you can use linkaGoGo reminders for, check this Gogolian's post.
How does it work?
The script is invoked on a daily basis (cron, Windows Scheduler, etc), retrieves the contents of your "Reminders" folder via the linkaGoGo REST API. This file is in the XBEL (XML Bookmark Exchange Language) format. Bookmarks are converted into a RSS 2.0 feed. The script provides you with an option to generate a single RSS item for each bookmark or to group them together as a digest. The resulting feed (xml file) is generated in a location accessible via http, ready for retrieval by RSS readers.

View the script
  • Channel Premium LGG Subscription (Basic subscription is sufficient during the beta period of the LGG API)
  • A web hosting account (shared hosting account is fine)
  • Python 2+ (tested on 2.2+)

Download, Version 1.01, Dec 22nd 2005
  1. Download and unpack the script
  2. Modify the following parameters at the top of the script:
    • username: Your linkaGoGo username
    • password: Your linkaGoGo password
    • rssFile: The absolute path of the rss file to be generated. This file should be available to your web server.
      Example: rssFile="/home/your_domain/public_html/reminders.xml".
      In this case your feed would be available from a location like http://www.your_domain.tld/reminders.xml
  3. Save the changes and upload the script into a nonpublic location on your web hosting account. For example: /home/your_domain/bin. If you don't have shell access, open an FTP session, create a bin folder and copy the script into it.
  4. Create a cron job to invoke the script once per day. If you've saved the script in the bin folder as described above, then you can use the following entry:

    30 4 * * * python bin/

    This will invoke the script every day at 4:30am. You may want to set a random time in order to disperse the access to LGG between users. Also note that the reminders get updated at 0000 EST (GMT-0500) on linkaGoGo, so make sure the time of the cron job on your server is after 0000 EST in order to receive fresh reminders in your RSS feed.
For any bugs, comments or suggestions please use the forum or send an email to lgg AT broobles DOT com
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