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IMAP Quota Checker is a simple Python script for checking the quota of your IMAP account and notifying you if the quota is above the specified level. Target users are those with IMAP accounts with limited quotas but without administrator warnings when the quota is about to be breached (yes, it happens!)
How does it work?
The script is invoked from a scheduler (cron, Windows Scheduler, etc). It checks the IMAP account you specified and if the account quota is above the percentage you specified an email notification will be sent to the specified address. It will work on your Windows/Mac/Linux PC or on your web host (any OS).

View the script
Download, Version 1.0, June 8th 2006
These instructions apply to installing the script on a Linux server. Installing on Windows is analogous.
  1. Download the script
  2. Modify the IMAP and SMTP parameters in the script after the import statements
  3. Upload the script into a nonpublic location on your web hosting account. For example: /home/your_domain/bin. If you don't have shell access, open an FTP session, create a bin folder and copy the script into it.
  4. Create a cron job to invoke the script. If you've saved the script in the bin folder as described above, then you can use the following entry:

    30 4 * * * python bin/

    This will invoke the script every day at 4:30am.
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